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Evangelical Christianity and the millennial need to be special and important

Originally posted on Mercy not Sacrifice:
First, I realize evangelicals or millennials are popular punching bags, and I’m not interested in bashing either. The words are utterly imprecise social labels that somehow capture a dual identity I find in myself,…

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Gabriel Vahanian’s The Death of God

I’ve decided to get back into reading about religious studies and theology.  It’s not that I ever stopped doing that, per se, but I’ve been reading materials for my dissertation.  I’d like to expand my knowledge about religious studies and … Continue reading

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Conrad Black’s Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full 31

On page 977 of Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, Conrad Black characterizes Nixon’s typical political strategy as follows: “Nixon’s courage…depended on him being alone, on feeling entirely deserted, on going to ground and then surprising the adversary with … Continue reading

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