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David Frost

I learned that David Frost has passed on.  David Frost interviewed Richard Nixon in 1977, and those interviews were the subject of an excellent play and movie.  I watched the interviews on C-Span when I was a teen, and now … Continue reading

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Grant Our Leaders Wisdom…

At church this morning, the pastor emeritus prayed that God might grant our leaders wisdom as they made their decision about Syria.  Unfortunately, what will probably happen is that the U.S. will bomb Syria, and civilians will die in the … Continue reading

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Conrad Black’s Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full 8

For my blog post today about Conrad Black’s Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, my focus will be on Dwight Eisenhower’s response to Senator Joseph McCarthy’s attacks on General George C. Marshall. According to Black on pages 264-265, “On … Continue reading

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