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Keep the Peace, or Rock the Boat?

This post will have three items, but all three items will revolve around a central topic.  What is that topic?  I guess that I’ll label it “Keeping the peace, versus rocking the boat.” 1.  I just finished a book from … Continue reading

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Nixon’s Shadow 4

For my blog post today on Nixon’s Shadow: The History of an Image, I’ll highlight something that David Greenberg says on pages 71-72.  The topic is Richard Nixon’s speech to the White House staff after he resigned from the Presidency, … Continue reading

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Can a Later Manuscript Contain an Earlier (and More Reliable) Reading?

In my latest reading of Bart Ehrman’s The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture, Ehrman has a section about text criticism, an Excursus on “Western non-interpolations”.  This section is not as fascinating as other parts of Ehrman’s book, but I think that … Continue reading

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