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Joe Conley (Who Played Ike Godsey on the Waltons)

I’ve been getting back into watching The Waltons.  I’m in season 1 right now. I was looking up some of the cast members, and I noticed that Joe Conley, the actor who played the storekeeper Ike Godsey, passed away a … Continue reading

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Nixon’s Shadow 2

On pages 36-37 of Nixon’s Shadow: The History of An Image, David Greenberg describes the phenomenon of Nixon-hating in the 1950’s: “With liberal Democrats blazing the way, many Americans came to regard Nixon as a singularly dark and dangerous presence … Continue reading

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Bart Ehrman on Luke 3:22 and Anti-Adoptionism

In this post, I will talk about Bart Ehrman’s discussion of Luke 3:22 in his book, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: The Effect of Early Christological Controversies on the Text of the New Testament. The context of Luke 3:22 is … Continue reading

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