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My 2006 Paper (for a Class) about the Pharisees

There is talk within the blogosphere about the Pharisees (see here and here), so I decided to post here a paper that I wrote for a class back in 2006.  The paper is about scholarly debates regarding the Pharisees.  The … Continue reading

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Ambrose’s Nixon: The Triumph of a Politician 19

In my latest reading of Nixon: The Triumph of a Politician, 1962-1972, Stephen Ambrose begins his discussion of the Watergate scandal.  He tells us at the outset that so much has been written about the Watergate scandal, and that his … Continue reading

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Norman Thomas and Huey Long

I’ve been reading W.A. Swanberg’s biography of Socialist Norman Thomas, entitled Norman Thomas: The Last Idealist.  Swanberg talks about Thomas’ relationship with Huey Long, the controversial populist Governor of Louisiana. Essentially, what I get out of Swanberg’s description is that … Continue reading

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