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Excited about Religious Movies

I haven’t been able to watch the History Channel series on the Bible because I only get basic cable.  But what’s odd is this: with all of my doubt about and even hostility towards organized religion, I am still happy … Continue reading

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Institutions Evolve!

I was watching ABC This Week (see the transcript for today’s program here).  I liked what Matthew Dowd said in response to Republican Congressman Peter King’s statement that “we have to look at the consequences of changing a 2,000 year … Continue reading

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Game Change

I watched the movie Game Change recently, which is about Sarah Palin.  The movie is widely considered to be a negative depiction of Palin, even by Palin herself (who, as far as I know, has not seen the movie).  And … Continue reading

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Easter for Doubters and Rebellious Unbelievers?

I went to Easter vigil last night at a Catholic church with my Mom and her husband.  This morning, I went to Easter services at the Presbyterian church that I normally attend. I gained a fresh appreciation for a post … Continue reading

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RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon, Volume 2: 15

I have three items for my write-up today on volume 2 of Richard Nixon’s memoirs.  They’ll focus on foreign policy, whereas my post tomorrow will cover Watergate-related topics, as well as the resignation of Nixon’s first Vice-President, Spiro Agnew. 1.  … Continue reading

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