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Holier-Than-Thou vs. Empathy

I hate when I’m reading a person expressing his problems with religion, and some holier-than-thou Christian responds, “Well, you obviously have not been born again!”  I much more admire the Christians who demonstrate compassion.  And, by “compassion”, I don’t mean, … Continue reading

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Ambrose’s Nixon: The Education of a Politician 10

I have two items for my write-up today on Stephen Ambrose’s Nixon: The Education of a Politician. 1.  On page 301, we read: “Following the election [in 1952], Nixon flew to Miami for a vacation.  He stayed  at the home … Continue reading

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Psalm 114

For my weekly quiet time this week, I studied Psalm 114.  In this post, I’ll use as my focal-point vv 1-4, which say (in the King James Version): “(1.)When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a … Continue reading

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