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Christmas 2012

On Christmas Eve, my Mom, my Mom’s husband, and I watched It’s a Wonderful Life, then we went to midnight mass.  The priest’s homily was about how Jesus was a light amidst darkness, and how we—-who have Christ inside of … Continue reading

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Clear and Present Dangers 2

In my latest reading of Clear and Present Dangers: A Conservative View of America’s Government, M. Stanton Evans discusses and is critical of liberal justifications for expanding the role of the federal government, even though the Tenth Amendment limits the … Continue reading

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We’re Right, Even If You Can’t See How…

In my latest reading of Paul Knitter’s No Other Name? A Critical Survey of Christian Attitudes Toward the World Religions, I read Chapter V, “The Conservative Evangelical Model: One True Religion”.  Although Knitter recognizes that there are evangelical critiques of … Continue reading

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