Larry Hagman

As many of you know, actor Larry Hagman has passed on.  Hagman is best known for his roles in I Dream of Jeannie and Dallas.

I wasn’t allowed to watch Dallas when I was a kid, but I occasionally got to sneak in an episode!  One baby sitter allowed me to stay up late to watch part of Dallas.  And, when my family traveled for the Feast of Tabernacles, we all ended up sharing a motel room, and I’d get to watch Dallas and Falcon Crest because, well, my parents didn’t want to miss them!

I was allowed to watch I Dream of Jeannie, however.  It was on in syndication during the afternoons.  I liked the music that played whenever Dr. Bellows was baffled!  Also, Major Nelson shouting “Jeannie!” whenever Jeannie had placed him in a precarious situation was classic.

I got to watch Dallas with my family when I was in college, when it was playing in syndication on a country music cable station.  I loved J.R.  My favorite line of his was whenever he said “Is that a fact?” after someone had informed him of certain developments that he had caused, but that he didn’t want people to know that he caused.  I liked the affable, charming, and yet ironic tone in J.R.’s voice whenever he said that.

And, believe it or not, J.R. could have a sense of integrity.  I remember one episode of Dallas in which a blue-collar worker came into J.R.’s office and informed him of something.  For one, I liked the fact that J.R. asked a complete stranger coming into his office “What can I do for you?”  I doubt that you see that kind of openness among most rushed, busy CEOs!  But, second, I liked J.R.’s response after the guy shared with J.R. the information that he came to share, which would be to J.R.’s benefit.  “Man, I’m going to make it worth your while for coming to me first!”  J.R. had the integrity to reward those who helped him out!

R.I.P., Larry Hagman!

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