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The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony

I missed last week’s Bible study at my church because I was sick, but I got to attend last night, and I also had an opportunity to read the transcript for last week’s DVD presentation that the group watched. Essentially, … Continue reading

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Kristin Luker’s Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood 1: What Is the Embryo?

I started Kristin Luker’s 1984 book, Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood.  One reason that I decided to read this book was out of interest in the history of the pro-life movement.  Specifically, I’ve wondered when or how a pro-life … Continue reading

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Why Did the Person Who Recovered from Skin Disease Offer Atoning Sacrifices?

I’ve been reading Leviticus 13-14 for my weekly quiet time, and these are chapters on skin disease.  One question that comes up in my reading of scholarly discussions of these chapters concerns why the person who was being purified after … Continue reading

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