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Blinded by Might 3: Can Legislation Work?

In my latest reading of Blinded by Might: Why the Religious Right Can’t Save America, by Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson, Dobson points to the ineffectiveness of Prohibition as an example of the limits of laws in making the United … Continue reading

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A Heavenly Counterpart?

A while back, I wrote a post about an alleged rabbinic belief that there was a heavenly Jacob and an earthly Jacob.  In an essay in Enoch and the Mosaic Torah: The Evidence of Jubilees, there is an essay about … Continue reading

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My Favorite Part of the 2012 Presidential Election

My favorite part of the 2012 Presidential race was Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention (see here for the transcript).  There are a couple of reasons for this: 1.  At first, I found the speech to be rather … Continue reading

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