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Blinded by Might 2: The Rigidity of Boundaries

In my latest reading of Blinded by Might: Why the Religious Right Can’t Save America, by Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson, I was thinking about flexibility and the rigidity of boundaries. Cal Thomas said that a reason that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Beginning Enoch and the Mosaic Torah

I started Enoch and the Mosaic Torah: The Evidence of Jubilees, which was edited by Gabriele Boccaccini and Giovanni Ibba.  I read three essays so far and, in this post, I’ll mention some things that I learned from each essay. … Continue reading

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Reactions to Last Night’s Election Results

I’ve been sick today, and so I’ve been too tired to write a post about last night’s election results.  I feel a little better at the present moment, so I’ll write my post now, but it will be a fairly … Continue reading

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