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Glenda Ritz vs. Tony Bennett for Indiana State Superintendent: What’s Interesting to Me

It’s the day before Election Day. Believe it or not, a number of my politically and religiously conservative friends in Indiana are voting for Democrat Glenda Ritz for Indiana State Superintendent of schools, rather than Republican Tony Bennett.  (See here … Continue reading

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Robert Reich’s I’ll Be Short 3: Education

In my latest reading of I’ll Be Short: Essentials for a Decent Working Society, Robert Reich focused on education.  I have three items. 1.  Somewhere in the book, Reich says that businesses should form apprenticeships for local students who are … Continue reading

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Starting the Decalogue in Jewish and Christian Tradition

I started The Decalogue in Jewish and Christian Tradition, which was edited by Henning Graf Reventlow and Yair Hoffman.  I have two items. 1.  Is there any significance in the order of the Ten Commandments?  Edward Greenstein refers to two … Continue reading

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Acknowledging Commonalities

At church this morning, we celebrated All Saints’ Sunday.  Through our hymns and prayers, we reflected on how Christian saints throughout the ages have relied on God, done good deeds, and lived hard lives, before gaining glorification in heaven, during … Continue reading

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