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The Great Betrayal 10

In Freedom from Want, Edward Gresser argues that free trade is good for other countries, such as Cambodia, since it provides them with jobs.  In reading Pat Buchanan’s pro-protectionist book, The Great Betrayal, I’ve wondered how Buchanan addresses the impact … Continue reading

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The Greeks and the Poor

For my write-up today on the Anchor Bible commentary on The Wisdom of Ben Sira, by Patrick Skehan (translator) and Alexander Di Lella (commentator), I will focus on what Di Lella says about Greek attitudes regarding the poor. Ben Sira … Continue reading

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Reactions to the Second Presidential Debate

I just watched the second Presidential debate.  There were times when I thought that Barack Obama was a wimp, especially when Mitt Romney said that he wasn’t finished, and Obama meekly sat down.  But, in my opinion, Obama closed strong, … Continue reading

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