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Mark Driscoll, Rachel Held Evans, and Skyler-Daniel on Esther

I just listened to a Mark Driscoll sermon, and, much to my surprise, I actually liked it.  That doesn’t mean that I agreed with everything that he said or how he said it, but overall, I found it encouraging, for … Continue reading

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Freedom from Want 2

In my latest reading of Freedom from Want: American Liberalism and the Global Economy, Edward Gresser talked some about the history of trade and protectionism. Gresser made the point that trade is good because other countries make some things better … Continue reading

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Gentiles and the Sacrifices

For my write-up today on Jonathan Goldstein’s Anchor Bible commentary on II Maccabees, I’ll quote something that Goldstein says on pages 214-215: “The high priest [in II Maccabees 3:32-35] offered an expiatory sacrifice for Heliodorus.  In the Hebrew Bible sin … Continue reading

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