My Sermon, the Book of Job, and the Rest of This Morning’s Service

I did my sermon this morning!  As I preached my sermon and looked at my audience, I couldn’t exactly tell if they liked or disliked my message.  But I got some good feedback after the service, and my pastor asked me if I’d be willing to preach another sermon in the future, which I took to be a good sign.

What sort of feedback did I get after the service?  People told me that I did a good job, and one person said, “Who would have thought that you were so LEARNED!”  But what especially intrigued me was that people were telling me about their experiences with the Book of Job.  One man said that my sermon answered a lot of questions that he had.  A lady told me that she never quite knew how to understand the Book of Job, since Job often is praised for his patience and perseverance, and yet Job appears to be quite impatient in his speeches.  Another lady remarked that she often tried to read Job in the past, but she did not understand the speeches.  And another lady told me that she read the entire Book of Job before the service this morning so she’d have background about what I would preach about, and I thought that was really cool!

On the whole, the service was excellent.  The music was enjoyable.  Someone from a local veterans’ outreach center spoke to us, and that sensitized me to the importance helping veterans to recover from their traumas.  For the children’s service, a lady told us the story about her struggles to fulfill her dream to become a nurse, for there was reluctance to accept her into a nursing program on account of her diabetes.  But she persevered, and she became a nurse.  She told us that it’s important to persevere, because a lot of things in life are not handed to us on a silver platter (which is true).

I was worried that my sermon would go over the time-limit for the service, but it did not, and that’s good.

I’m thinking of writing a couple more posts about preaching, even though my sermon is over and done with.  We’ll see what I do!

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