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Speaking with Authority: Content

I’m doing a series on preaching because I will be giving a sermon this coming Sunday.  In my last post of this series, I talked about the issue of delivering a message with authority.  In this post, I’ll wrestle with … Continue reading

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Howard Dean on Health Care Reform 2

I have two items today for my write-up on Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform. 1.  To be honest, the health care plan that Howard Dean prescribes for the entire country reminds me of Paul Ryan’s plans for Medicare, … Continue reading

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A Speaking Image; Eternal Torment

I have two items for my write-up today on G.K. Beale’s The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text. 1.  Revelation 13:15 says regarding the second beast (in the KJV): “And he had power to give life unto … Continue reading

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