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The Waltons: The Sermon

I’ll be preaching this coming Sunday, and I watched the episode of The Waltons in which John-Boy has to give the sermon at his church.  Giving a sermon can be quite difficult.  There’s the challenge of coming up with something … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s No Apology 11: Writing

I finished Mitt Romney’s No Apology: Believe in America.  In this post, I’ll highlight some things that Romney says on page 323, in the Acknowledgments. “Ann and my family always began conversations about the book by saying that they really … Continue reading

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Was the Altruism Worth It?

I find as I look at my blog that I have blogged about 9/11 on every September 11 since 2007.  So I might as well blog about it this year. Believe it or not, even though I was slightly taken … Continue reading

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The Temple and the Two Witnesses

For my write-up today on G.K. Beale’s The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text, I’ll talk some about Beale’s interpretation of Revelation 11:1-12, which concerns the Temple and the two witnesses. Revelation 11:1-12 says the following (in … Continue reading

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