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Mitt Romney’s No Apology 10: Welfare Reform

In my latest reading of No Apology: Believe in America, Mitt Romney talks about welfare reform.  He says that, as governor of Massachusetts, he proposed to require single parents with children to work, and the government under his proposal would … Continue reading

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Have Something to Say, and Use Yourself as an Example

I’m doing a little series on preaching, since I will be preaching a sermon this coming Sunday at my church.  See here to read my last post.  In this post, I want to ramble on about the content of a … Continue reading

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Precursor to Hell; Imminent or Not?

In my latest reading of G.K. Beale’s The Book of Revelation: A Commentary on the Greek Text, Beale argues that six of the seven trumpets represent God’s judgment on idolaters during the church age (the time between Christ’s first and … Continue reading

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