William Windom

I just learned that actor William Windom passed on last week.

Of course, he’s known as Commodore Decker on the Star Trek episode, “The Doomsday Machine”.  That’s one of my Dad’s favorite episodes (we called it “the tube one”), but there are other Star Trek episodes that I like much better!

Windom also played Ray Krebbs “father”, Amos, on Dallas.  I put father in quotation marks because Ray’s real dad was Jock Ewing.  My favorite scene was when Amos Krebbs tried to get Jock’s attention on the street by saying “Mr. Ewing”, and Jock looked behind him and gruffly said, “Yeah?”, like Jock didn’t want to deal with any riffraff.

I also liked Windom’s role as the cold pastor in the Highway to Heaven episode, “A Child of God”.  I wrote a post in my first year of blogging about this episode—-see here.

And William Windom played the prosecutor in the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, starring Gregory Peck.

Windom was in a lot of other stuff, but I remember him most for these roles.

R.I.P., William Windom.

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2 Responses to William Windom

  1. James says:

    I know this is a late comment, but Windom also played the starring role in a show called My World and Welcome To It which I remember being hilariously funny.

    I also loved his role in “The Doomsday Machine.” Windom was an all-around great actor. There are few like him today.


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Looks like that show had good guest stars, like Ray Walston!


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