Church Picnic 2012

Today, at church, we had the annual church picnic.  We had church at the picnic site, and the topic was Noah.  Then, we ate.  I didn’t get any hamburgers and hot dogs, but there was a lot of pasta, which I liked, and the dessert was really good.  We then played a game of water-balloon toss, which was fun.  The balloon collapsed in my hand, so I got wet, but not too wet—-unlike another guy, who got really wet because the balloon collapsed in his hand twice.

I talked a little about politics with one of the ladies there.  I don’t like to bring up politics too publicly, since it’s divisive.  But this lady was telling me that she did not like Romney because he seemed to be detached from real life, plus he made flub-ups on his recent trips abroad.  But her view is not the only one held by people at my church, for one of the elders had a Romney bumper-sticker on his van.  Another lady was saying that illegal immigration plays a significant role in driving up the cost of health care, which is why her son (whose job does not provide him with health insurance) has a heavy hospital bill—-the illegal immigrants are being treated for free, and so he has to pay.  I guess my question is this: When will Obamacare start making health insurance available and affordable so that the uninsured and the under-insured can have it?  Then, I recall talking with someone at church last week who works at a large restaurant chain.  He did not strike me as an Obama-hater, but he feared that Obamacare’s requirement that large companies provide health insurance to their employees would eat into his wages.

In any case, I’m glad that my church is not dogmatic on political issues and that there is a wide spectrum of political opinions within it—-whether I agree or not.

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