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McGovern, Now a Conservative?

I get Townhall’s list of conservative columns in my e-mail on a regular basis, and, while I ordinarily delete it, today I decided to take a look at what columns are out there.  I saw that Larry Elder’s column was … Continue reading

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The Real Romney 11

I finished The Real Romney, by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman.  My latest reading covered Mitt Romney’s run for President in 2008, as Romney gets into an altercation with a reporter at Staples over lobbyists in his campaign, and John … Continue reading

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Witherington on Going to Heaven and Improving Life on Earth

In my latest reading of Jesus, Paul, and the End of the World, Ben Witherington III says that many modern Christians focus on Christians going to heaven after they die, when the focus of Paul and Jesus was on the … Continue reading

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