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Ron Paul’s End the Fed 4

For my write-up today on Ron Paul’s End the Fed, I’ll use as my starting-point a question that Paul asks Ben Bernanke on page 100: “I have a question about the GDP.  In the first quarter, our GDP didn’t do … Continue reading

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Ed Rendell on Charlie Rose’s Show

I was flipping through the channels last night before I went to bed, and I came across Charlie Rose’s interview of former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (a Democrat). At the moment, I cannot find last night’s episode of Charlie Rose … Continue reading

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Grace, and When the Messiah Will Come

I’m continuing my way through Jacob Neusner’s Messiah in Context.  In my latest reading, on page 115, Neusner talks about a view within the Jerusalem Talmud that a false Messiah is one who attempts to effect restoration without God’s help.  … Continue reading

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