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Ron Paul’s End the Fed 3: The Gold Standard

In my latest reading of End the Fed, Ron Paul argued in favor of the gold standard.  He talked about how Alan Greenspan used to be a solid supporter of the gold standard, but Greenspan held a different viewpoint during … Continue reading

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Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal has passed on. I first heard of Gore Vidal when I was a child, and I watched the television miniseries for Gore Vidal’s Lincoln, which starred Sam Waterson and Mary Tyler Moore.  I watched it at home with … Continue reading

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Starting Neusner’s Messiah in Context

I started Jacob Neusner’s Messiah in Context.  My impression of what Neusner is arguing (and I’m open to correction) is that the Messiah was not central in the Mishnah, whose focus was more on an a-historical order of rituals.  But … Continue reading

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