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6/19/2012 Links

I have three links for today: 1.  Sarah Moon’s blog has a guest post by Abe Kobylanski entitled What Makes a Good Daddy?  Abe talks about how certain Christians (such as the Christians in a small group that he was … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s Liberty Defined 7: Marriage Policy, Health Care

For my write-up today on Ron Paul’s Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom, I’ll talk some about Ron Paul’s views on marriage policy and health care. 1.  Ron Paul thinks that the federal government should stay out … Continue reading

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Faith and Extra-Biblical Sources

For my write-up today on The Cambridge History of Christianity: Constantine to c. 600, I’ll quote or refer to passages from Brownen Neil’s “Towards defining a Christian culture: The Christian transformation of classical literature”.  These passages pertain to the question … Continue reading

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