The John Edwards Trial; Everything Must Go

Here are two thoughts:

1.  People will probably disagree with me on this, but I was moved by how John Edwards daughter (Cate) and his parents stood by him throughout his trial, and how he said after the mistrial that God is not through with him yet and he still has good that he can do.  Although he did rotten things, the fact that his family stood by him shows that he has some decency within him, for he apparently has a strong relationship with some in his family, who have not given up on him.  I hope that he has learned from his misdeeds and will use his second chance rightly.

2.  I watched a movie last night with my Mom and her husband, Everything Must Go, starring Will Ferrell.  You can read about it here.  I enjoyed it because Will Ferrell plays a likable, approachable, quiet, socially-awkward guy who’s dealing with his own brokenness, and who receives healing through his relationships with others.  He does the same in another movie that I like, Stranger Than Fiction.

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  1. jamesbradfordpate says:

    EZWalker commented:

    “Met the Edwards family on vacation in Kauai. Senator Edwards didn’t say a word, but his family was lovely, especially Cate. All of Elizabeth’s children were there and Cate’s husband. A wonderful, loving family. I saw a broken man being propped up by four great kids. I wish them all the very best – I hope he didn’t mind when I said that I also think he should try politics again. I too think we should forgive this man. Everybody makes mistakes, and it’s obvious he’s a good soul to have such a wonderul, sweet, and down-to-earth family. Cate is incredible, a truly awesome young woman.”


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