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5/1/2012 Links

I have three links for today, focusing primarily on social skills and coping: 1.  Aspergers Girl has an excellent post on 20 things NOT to say to people with Asperger’s, and 15 beneficial approaches.  A lot of what she says … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich’s Saving Lives & Saving Money 9

In my latest reading of Saving Lives & Saving Money: Transforming Health and Healthcare, Newt Gingrich talks about the living arrangements of people with disabilities.  On page 198, he states: “…most families want to do as much as humanly and … Continue reading

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Punishment as Natural Consequences

Are there times when “punishment” for sin is the natural consequences of that sin rather than something that God causes directly?  In my latest reading of Joseph Telushkin’s A Code of Jewish Ethics, Volume 1: You Shall Be Holy, Telushkin … Continue reading

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