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The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships 16

For my write-up today on The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, I’ll quote something that Temple Grandin says on page 216: “Even typical kids and adults have trouble these days understanding and interpreting their social culture and making sense of … Continue reading

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Does Popularity Mean Quality?

People often tell me that, if I write quality posts, then people will flock to my blog.  My question is this: Does popularity mean quality?  I’m not asking this out of an attitude of self-pity, for my blogs have been … Continue reading

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A Contract with the Earth 16: Caps

On page 148 of A Contract with the Earth, Newt Gingrich and Terry Maple say the following: “…in a command and control environment with mandated caps on carbon dioxide emissions, Europe lags behind the free-market American achievements, with Europe emitting … Continue reading

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The Noahide Schoolmaster

I finished David Novak’s Natural Law in Judaism.  On page 163, Novak quotes Sifre Devarim, no. 343, p. 397, which states: “Not only did [the Gentiles] not accept it [the Torah], but even the seven commandments which the Noahides accepted … Continue reading

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