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The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships 5: The Rut

In my last reading of The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, by Temple Grandin and Sean Barron, I finished Act One of Temple’s presentation and began Act One of Sean’s presentation. Temple states that many of her peers with Asperger’s … Continue reading

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A Contract with the Earth 5: Climate Change

On pages 39-40 of A Contract with the Earth, Newt Gingrich and Terry Maple refer to the problems posed by climate change: “Incredibly, as water temperatures have risen over the years, the biological foundation of the Pacific food chain has … Continue reading

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Sitting on the Fence (or a Fence)

Last night, my church finished its study of Margaret Feinberg’s Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, and Wild Honey. I’ve committed to doing a write-up on my church’s Bible study, but, to be honest, I’m not … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Halakah: Strict and Lenient

In my latest reading of volume 4 of John Meier’s A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Meier talks about the co-existence of strictness and leniency in Jesus’ approach to the Torah. According to Meier, Jesus was stricter than the … Continue reading

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