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Ann Coulter on Stand Your Ground Laws and the George Zimmerman Case

I thought that Ann Coulter made a valid point (or at least a point that deserves consideration) about the Stand Your Ground law on ABC This Week (see the transcript here).  (Of course, I’m not a lawyer, but she is.)  … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday 2012

At church this morning, we celebrated Palm Sunday.  Here are two thoughts: 1.  In the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, the crowds say “Hosanna in the highest” (Matthew 21:9; Mark 11:10).  Hosanna is an imperative that … Continue reading

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Contract with the Earth 1

April 22 is Earth Day.  For this month, therefore, I’ll be blogging about Newt Gingrich’s views regarding the environment.  I am writing this post in March, on a day before Super Tuesday has even happened.  Consequently, I don’t know if … Continue reading

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The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships 1: It’s a Spectrum

April is National Autism Awareness Month.  For April 2012, I will be blogging through a book by Temple Grandin and Sean Barron, entitled The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships. What stood out to me in my latest reading of this … Continue reading

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