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Faith Healer

I watched the Little House on the Prairie episode “Faith Healer” last night.  What’s ironic is that Nick Norelli had a post this morning about how he used to judge people as not having enough faith if they were not … Continue reading

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Psalm 69

For my weekly quiet time this week, I will blog about Psalm 69.  Five verses in Psalm 69 are quoted in the New Testament.  In this post, I will compare how the New Testament uses these passages with what interpreters … Continue reading

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Susan Faludi, Backlash 23

I finished Susan Faludi’s 1991 book Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women.  Specifically, I read the end-notes and the Acknowledgments.  I have three items: 1.  I have long heard the argument (and when I was a conservative I used … Continue reading

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