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“15 Reasons I Returned to the Church”, and My Own Experiences

Yesterday, I commented on Rachel Held Evans’ fifteen reasons for leaving the church, in light of my own experiences.  Today, I’ll do the same thing for her fifteen reasons for returning to church. 1. Jesus  There are things that I … Continue reading

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Jesus and Our Standards

I finished volume 2 of John Meier’s A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus. I’m having a hard time finding things in the book right now, so this post will be rather informal, as opposed to citing what Meier says … Continue reading

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Susan Faludi, Backlash 20

I have two items for my write-up today on Susan Faludi’s 1991 book Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women: 1.  On page 394, Faludi states the following: “One of the four cases that summer [in 1989], Lorance v. AT&T … Continue reading

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