The Loop; Introvert Power; Last Night’s Desperate Housewives Episode

I have two good quotes for today, as well as some thoughts on last night’s Desperate Housewives:

1.  Rachel Held Evans had some good Sunday Superlatives yesterday.  One of them was Brett McCracken’s In Praise of Being Out of the Loop.  McCracken says:

“I desire to be more out of the loop. I want to go a day without knowing what the Twitterverse is talking about. I want to let trending topics come and go without ever knowing they happened. I want to be like Marilyn Hagerty, who didn’t know (or care) that for the rest of the world, Olive Garden was ‘old news.’ I don’t want to care about something just because it’s hot right now and everyone is talking about it; I want to care about something because it is interesting, important, worth thinking about. I don’t want to blog, tweet, or talk about things I haven’t mulled over or wrestled with first. I want to resist the idol of quick-to-the-draw commentary.”

I love Olive Garden myself: the salad, the breadsticks, the pasta, the breadsticks!

2.  In the comments section under Rachel’s post, Dan from Georgia linked to a CNN article about introverts, which states:

“Our culture is biased against quiet and reserved people, but introverts are responsible for some of humanity’s greatest achievements — from Steve Wozniak’s invention of the Apple computer to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. And these introverts did what they did not in spite of their temperaments — but because of them.”

3.  Last night on Desperate Housewives, there was Mike Delfino’s funeral.  I was reminded of reasons why I (and probably so many other Desperate Housewives viewers) like Mike.  There’s his down-to-earth quality, the fact that he tried to help people, and how the mistakes he made in his life (i.e., drug addiction) made him into a fairly non-judgmental person.  As Julie (Susan’s daughter) noted, Mike wasn’t much of a reader.  But I loved Mike’s description of heaven to his son, M.J.: eating delicious hamburgers with the people you love more than anything in the world, fishing, cheering at a ballgame, etc.

Something else that I appreciated about last night’s episode was that I got to see some old faces, by which I mean, not faces that looked elderly, but rather past characters who were killed off: Carlos’ Ma-MA Solis and Rex Van der Kamp.

I am confused by one thing: Where did Tom meet Lynette?  I remember an episode from a while back that said that they met at work, and it showed a flashback of Lynette getting into an elevator where Tom was.  Last night’s episode coincided with that story—-though Tom and Lynette looked different in last night’s episode from how they looked in the flashback of Tom and Lynette meeting at work, for, in the flashback I’m thinking of, they look like they always look, whereas, in last night’s episode, they looked more 70’s-ish.

But I also got the impression that there was a version of the story that said that Tom and Lynette dated in college.  Does anyone else remember anything to that effect?

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