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Mars Hill Responds on Church Discipline

Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church has responded to the controversy about its church discipline policy.  See here.  It has chosen not to discuss Andrew’s specific situation, “as this is a private matter between church leadership and members, all of whom … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with That?

At church this morning, the Pastor Emeritus spoke to us, since our regular pastor is still in Israel.  The Pastor Emeritus spoke to us about Jesus’ parables. There were two parables that stood out to me.  The first was the … Continue reading

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Giants and Patriots

The Superbowl is this evening.  I probably won’t watch it.  Football bores me.  So do most sports.  If I had to pick a sport that I halfway like, though, it would be basketball, since it’s faster-paced.  In football, it seems … Continue reading

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Nixon’s Civil Rights 5

For my write-up today on Nixon’s Civil Rights, I’ll use as my starting-point something that Dean Kotlowski says on pages 42-43: “Nixon continued to argue that integration via busing was unconstitutional, even after the Supreme Court had ruled otherwise.  Realizing … Continue reading

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