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Josh’s Balanced Post on the Mark Driscoll Controversy

Here is a relatively balanced post on Mark Driscoll at Joel Watts’ blog, Unsettled Christianity.  It’s by Josh, a doctoral student in sociology.  I am definitely a part of the anti-Driscoll crowd that Josh discusses (even though I have occasionally … Continue reading

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Leslie Keeney on Mark Driscoll’s Definition of Successful Ministry

I’ve been enjoying Leslie Keeney’s posts on Joel Watts’ blog (see here), and so I was pleased to learn that she has her own blog, the ruthless monk. Leslie is a graduate student at Liberty University, where she is pursuing … Continue reading

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The Benefit of a Doubt

I’d like to revisit my post yesterday, Was Romney Sincere? I quoted conservative columnist Ann Coulter, who was talking about Romney’s 1994 run against Ted Kennedy for the U.S. Senate, when Romney was attempting to convince Massachusetts voters that he was … Continue reading

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Psalm 61

For my weekly quiet time, I will comment on select verses of Psalm 61 in the King James Version, which is in the public domain. To the chief Musician upon Neginah, [A Psalm] of David. 1Hear my cry, O God; … Continue reading

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Was Romney Sincere?

Ann Coulter recently wrote that Mitt Romney is a true conservative.  In his 1994 Senate race against Ted Kennedy, Romney affirmed his support for Roe vs. Wade.  Now, however, he claims to be pro-life.  Ann Coulter states the following about … Continue reading

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