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Santorum and Romney On People Who Lost Their Homes

I’m watching the NBC Republican Presidential debate that was on last night.  Something that stood out to me was that both Rick Santorum and also Mitt Romney expressed compassion for people who have lost their homes to foreclosure.  Rick Santorum … Continue reading

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James Carville and School Choice

I applaud Democratic strategist James Carville for speaking at National School Choice Week in New Orleans (see the video here).  School choice has its positives and its negatives, and I will not debate it in this post.  But I admire … Continue reading

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Witherington on Jesus as Wisdom

On page 204 of Jesus the Sage, Ben Witherington III states: “What is especially daring about the idea of Jesus taking the personification of Wisdom and suggesting that he is the living embodiment of it, is that while a prophet … Continue reading

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