Complacency and Newt

I fear that liberals and Democrats are becoming complacent about the 2012 Presidential election.  A number of times, I have heard or read liberals and Democrats express hope that Newt Gingrich will get the Republican nomination because he will be easy for Barack Obama to beat.  I wonder why.  Because of his marital history?  Please.  In my opinion, the lesson of Newt’s victory in South Carolina last night is that even many Christian conservatives are willing to disregard that, for they think that Newt has a greater chance of defeating Barack Obama.  If the decision is between Barack Obama and Newt in the general election, Christian conservatives will vote for Newt, regardless of his sordid past.

How about the moderate or the swing-voters?  I doubt that they’ll care much about Newt’s marital history.  To them, Newt can easily come across as an intelligent man with a grasp on the issues of the day—-even if they might find him pedantic.  President Obama, in my mind, does not have much of a record to run on.  Saying that Obama captured Osama Bin-Laden will only go so far, in my view, for my impression is that this has become old-news.  Although there are some jobs that are being created and Obama perhaps did prevent the United States from plummeting further into an economic abyss, people are still feeling the pinch of a bad economy.  They could easily turn to Newt—-not so much because they love him, per se, but for the same reason that incumbents often get the boot: because people want a change, whatever it is.

Liberals and Democrats should not be so complacent, therefore.  Even if Newt wins the nomination, it’s not smooth-sailing for Obama.  Far from it.

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3 Responses to Complacency and Newt

  1. mpbulletin says:

    I’d say there is much more to Newt than his marital history independents will have to chew on if he does win the primaries. He has ethics violations during his time in the House. We’ve all heard about his views of the poor and minorities. Obama as the food stamp president. His ideas to put poor children to work so they are taught values of real work as if they don’t already watching their parent(s) working 2 jobs to send them to school. Newt, each time he gets a shot to his enormous ego, does something to shoot himself in the foot. He won South Carolina because it is one, if not THE, most conservative states in the country. If he, in some way, wins the primary there is plenty of ammo Obama and the Democrats have on him. And as we’ve seen during the campaign, he does NOT like being called out on his mistakes (niether does Romney). Those angry responses to being questioned will hurt him (either of them) with independents.

    And Obama has much more to rely on that “a few jobs”. One example is, before Obama took office we had lost 4.4 mil jobs, after he too office an additional 4.3 mil were lost (mostly between Jan-April 2009) BUT since then we have gained back 2.7 mil, over half of what was lost since Obama was sworn in. GDP has gone from -6.0 to +5.0 and grew 2.5% in the 3rd quarter of this year.
    I did an assessment of what the President has done in a piece I wrote a while back. It could use some updating but.. If you’re interested please feeel free to read through and let me know your thoughts.

    There’s much more we have to proud of than we tend to think…a decent amount is forgotten and almost lost in the political/media winds.


  2. jamesbradfordpate says:

    Thanks for the link. Those will probably be statistics that Obama will hammer away on in the general election.

    On Newt, I don’t think a lot of what you mention will hurt him, necessarily. Ethics violations—-many politicians have those, and people have come to expect them from Newt. Criticizing the poor—-the Republican Party does that anyway, yet independents vote for it on some election years. Maybe Newt flying off the handle could hurt him with independents, as you say. I don’t know.


  3. mpbulletin says:

    You’re right, independents are hard to pin down. Myself, I can imagine a lot more leeway for Newt from the GOP-only voters but would hope independents are more logical and Newt would scare them. But then again, that is MY logic. It seems nowadays logic itself is subjective.


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