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David Marshall: “Buddha Walks the Silk Road”

I have three items for my write-up today on Chapter 7 of David Marshall’s True Son of Heaven: How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture.  This chapter is entitled “Buddha Walks the Silk Road”. 1.  On page 82, Marshall critiques the … Continue reading

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McKnight on Matthew 23:15

I finished Scot McKnight’s A Light Among the Gentiles.  Like Martin Goodman in Mission and Conversion, McKnight questions the idea that Second Temple Judaism had an active missionary program to the Gentiles.  Matthew 23:15, however, says that the Pharisees travel … Continue reading

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Not Being a Hypocrite

At church this morning, the Prayer of Confession contained the following lines: “Forgive us, God of light and author of love…if we have denied in word or deed the Christ who died for us…if we have been different people on … Continue reading

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