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Kepler and Intelligent Design; Alan Brill’s Interview with David Carr

I learned of some excellent links today: 1.  Rachel Held Evans links to an article by Paul Wallace, Intelligent Design Is Dead: A Christian Perspective.  The reason that Wallace’s article is good is that it contrasts Johannes Kepler with advocates … Continue reading

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The GOP Debate, Contraception, and Anti-Christian Bigotry

This will be a rambling post about two issues that came up in the GOP Presidential debate last night. 1.  Mitt Romney was befuddled about the contraception issue (see here).  It’s odd that Mitt Romney—-a graduate of Harvard Law School—–was … Continue reading

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George Stephanopoulos Returning to ABC This Week

Tomorrow, George Stephanopoulos will be returning to ABC This Week, taking the place of Christiane Amanpour.  I have enjoyed Christiane’s tenure on the program, particularly the debates that she moderated on Islam and big government.  But I will be glad … Continue reading

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