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David Marshall: “Congratulations, Get Rich”

I have two items for my write-up of Chapter 6 of David Marshall’s True Son of Heaven: How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture.  The chapter is entitled “Congratulations, Get Rich”, and it focuses on fu, which is happiness, or prosperity. … Continue reading

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Greenwald, Rozen, and Coulter

I have some political links to share: 1.  Glenn Greenwald has a thought-provoking article in Salon, entitled “Progressives and the Ron Paul Fallacies”.  I appreciate this article for two reasons.  First, it illustrates how the American political process—-especially its polarization … Continue reading

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Goodman on the Noachide Laws

I finished Martin Goodman’s Mission and Conversion.  What I’ll focus on in this post is the Noachide laws, the seven commandments that parts of rabbinic Judaism held were binding on Gentiles (whereas Jews had to keep the entire Torah). In … Continue reading

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