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Completing Segal’s Paul the Convert

I finished Alan Segal’s Paul the Convert.  Here are some items that interested me: 1.  Segal maintains that Paul was an apostate because he did not feel bound by the ritual laws of the Torah, and perhaps also because he … Continue reading

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Links for Monday, January 30, 2012

I have some good links to share: 1.  This article by John Richardson on Newt Gingrich in Esquire is probably the best that I have read so far.  It goes into his human side and also his record as Speaker … Continue reading

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Advantage of Being an Israelite; Romans 7 and the Temptation of Law

I’m continuing my way through Alan Segal’s Paul the Convert.  A few things stood out to me. First, I have long wondered: If many Jews believed that Gentiles could become righteous and enter the World to Come without becoming Israelites … Continue reading

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Narrative and Principles

This morning at church, the Pastor Emeritus spoke to us, since our regular pastor and his wife will be in Israel for a couple of weeks.  I enjoyed the pastor’s sermon because it reminded me of a post by Leslie … Continue reading

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Josh’s Balanced Post on the Mark Driscoll Controversy

Here is a relatively balanced post on Mark Driscoll at Joel Watts’ blog, Unsettled Christianity.  It’s by Josh, a doctoral student in sociology.  I am definitely a part of the anti-Driscoll crowd that Josh discusses (even though I have occasionally … Continue reading

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Leslie Keeney on Mark Driscoll’s Definition of Successful Ministry

I’ve been enjoying Leslie Keeney’s posts on Joel Watts’ blog (see here), and so I was pleased to learn that she has her own blog, the ruthless monk. Leslie is a graduate student at Liberty University, where she is pursuing … Continue reading

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The Benefit of a Doubt

I’d like to revisit my post yesterday, Was Romney Sincere? I quoted conservative columnist Ann Coulter, who was talking about Romney’s 1994 run against Ted Kennedy for the U.S. Senate, when Romney was attempting to convince Massachusetts voters that he was … Continue reading

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