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More About Hitchens (and Death, and Hell)

I’d like to share a couple of quotes about Christopher Hitchens and hell: 1.  Bruce Gerenscer on his blog discusses the smug comments of Al Mohler and others implying that Christopher Hitchens now knows the truth about Christianity and is … Continue reading

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Moving the Piano Upstairs

At church this morning, someone told me a story about how he first started coming to our church.  He said that when he moved to the area, the pastor at that time introduced himself and offered to help the guy … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “How Has Jesus Changed the World?”

For my write-up today on David Marshall’s Jesus and the Religions of Man, I’ll blog about Chapter 7, “How Has Jesus Changed the World?”  I have two items: 1.  On page 137, Marshall quotes Valieriu Gafencu, who narrates: “My father … Continue reading

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