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Ordinarily at my church, someone from a charity comes to speak to us once a month.  We haven’t had this for quite a few months, but we did today.  A woman was telling us about hospice, in which a chaplain … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom: A Thorny Issue

Claude Mariottini has a post on Obama’s War on Religion, which discusses a recent column by Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune.  Chapman does not take seriously much of Rick Perry’s accusation that President Barack Obama is waging a war … Continue reading

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The Coming Newt-Huntsman Debate

I think it’s cool that Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman will be having a Lincoln-Douglas debate on Monday in New Hampshire.  Gingrich is in the upper echelons as far as polls go, yet he is taking the time to engage … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “Consilience”

I finished David Marshall’s The Truth Behind the New Atheism.  The last chapter is entitled “Consilience”, which means the unity of knowledge that many new atheists seek, and which many Christians claim to have. On page 216, Marshall states: “One … Continue reading

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