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My Difficulty with Romans 5:12-14

For my write-up today on Heikki Raisenen’s Paul and the Law, I will talk some about Raisenen’s discussion of Romans 5:12-14, which (in the KJV) states the following: “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death … Continue reading

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A Dripping Faucet or a Rushing Stream?

I’ve been reading the devotional Our Daily Bread over the past four months, which I get at my church.  Some of the personal devotions in there, I like.  Some I don’t like.  And some make no impression on me at … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “Is Christianity a Blessing?”

For my write-up today on David Marshall’s The Truth Behind the New Atheism, I’ll blog about Chapter 8, “Is Christianity a Blessing?” The essential argument of this chapter is that Christianity has done a lot of good in the world … Continue reading

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