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“Tebow’s Religion and Ours”

I’m going to share an article: Daniel Foster’s “Tebow’s Religion, and Ours”, which is on National Review Online.  It concerns Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who is quite open about his Christian faith.  I didn’t care for the overall tone … Continue reading

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Nullifying Non-Authoritative Laws?

I finished Hans Hubner’s Law in Paul’s Thought.  I also started Heikki Raisenen’s Paul and the Law.  In this post, I will use as my starting-point something that Raisenen says about Hubner on page 8: “In Galatians Paul, according to … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “Is the Good Book Bad?”

For my write-up today on David Marshall’s The Truth Behind the New Atheism, I’ll blog about Chapter 6, “Is the Good Book Bad?” I agree with Marshall that the Bible is not as bad as new atheists like to present, … Continue reading

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James’ Review of Michael Camp’s 31 Reasons for Being Post-Evangelical

My friend Felix reviewed progressive Christian blogger Michael Camp’s 31 reasons for leaving evangelicalism and becoming a progressive but not a liberal.  Felix copy-and-pasted Camp’s post on his own blog and offered his own reactions in red.  I’ll do the … Continue reading

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