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Cumulative Benefits, and Then Some Ramblings

On pages 282-283 of Stephen King’s Needful Things, Leland Gaunt tells Polly Chalmers the following about an azka on a necklace that he is selling to her in order to treat her arthritis: “You shouldn’t take it off, not even … Continue reading

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David Nilsen’s Tips on Coping with the Holidays

In this post, I’ll use as my starting point David Nilsen’s Tips for surviving your next family holiday gathering.  I have four items: 1.  David says: “The perfect eggnog is the key to familial harmony. If you’re a teetotaler and you still … Continue reading

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Completing Das’ Paul and the Jews

I finished A. Andrew Das’ Paul and the Jews.  I have four items: 1.  On page 151, Das states: “After the Damascus Road experience, [Paul] simply realized he had been wrong about the Law as an approach to salvation and … Continue reading

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