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Steinmann on Archelaus, Antipas, and Herod’s Death

I said earlier this month that I would do a little research project on the date of Herod the Great’s death (see here).  I became interested in this topic because I watched a documentary entitled The Star of Bethlehem, in … Continue reading

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Completing Gaston’s Paul and the Torah

I finished Lloyd Gaston’s Paul and the Torah.  I have two items: 1.  An issue that has been of interest to me is the relevance of the Torah to Gentiles.  Gaston’s argument has been that, for Paul, Jews were under … Continue reading

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Propitiating the Volcano

On page 144 of Stephen King’s Needful Things, there is the following passage about Pete Jerzyck’s thoughts about his cantankerous wife, Wilma: “He did not just live in fear of her; he lived in awe of her, as natives in … Continue reading

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