Upset Over Speculation

For my write-up today on Stephen King’s Needful Things, I will focus on Hugh Priest, the town alcoholic.  Hugh has gotten a fox-tail from the new store in town, Needful Things, and he is thinking of getting a fresh start in life by going to AA.  He’s about to go to the American Legion building where meetings are held, but he fears that some kid will steal his fox-tail while he’s at the meeting.  Page 127 says: “Hugh felt a frustrated anger creep into his chest, as if this were not simply speculation but something which had already happened.”

I find that I can be like Hugh: upset over speculation.  I envision people saying this-or-that, when they did not actually say this-or-that, then I get upset.  Sure, they’re the types of people who could say this-or-that, but why do I get mad over something that’s purely imaginary or speculative?  There’s enough for me to be mad about in the realm of reality, so why should I add wood to the fire?

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