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Favorite Passages from T.A. Frank’s “On the Ropes with Herman Cain”

Here’s a good article about Herman Cain and how Cain’s campaign has weathered its storms thus far: T.A. Frank’s “On the Ropes with Herman Cain”.  Whether or not he will weather the latest accusations remain to be seen, since they … Continue reading

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To Check Out, or Not To Check Out

For my write-up today on Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story, I’ll start with a passage on page 366: “Driving to Auburn, [Lisey] mused for a little while on how Deputy Joe Alston had looked at her as they stood talking at … Continue reading

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Faith and Scholarship, Diverse Old Perspective, the Law for Gentiles, Paul as Messiah

I finished Terence Donaldson’s Paul and the Gentiles, but I’ll still have one more post on this book tomorrow.  For today, I have four items: 1.  On page 293, Donaldson states the following: “As a religious person, I am prepared … Continue reading

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