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A Possible Project on the Date of Herod’s Death

I talked here about The Star of Bethlehem, a documentary in which lawyer Frederick A. Larson argues that the star of Bethlehem occurred in 2 B.C.E.  I wrote: ” But is this not problematic, since Josephus documents that Herod the … Continue reading

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Donaldson: Who Is Under the Law? Should Gentiles Embrace the Law Now?

I’m continuing my way through Terence Donaldson’s Paul and the Gentiles. An issue that I have focused on concerns the relationship of Gentiles to the Torah.  This item will overlap  with what I have written before on this blog concerning … Continue reading

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The Star of Bethlehem

Last night at church, I watched The Star of Bethlehem.  On this DVD, a lawyer named Frederick A. Larson talks about the star of Bethlehem in Matthew 2, seeking to account for it in light of astronomical phenomena. For details … Continue reading

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Comfort and Lisey’s Story

I read more of Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story last night.  In my post, “What Do You Do with the Mad That You Feel?”, I said regarding “Zack McCool”: “When a mysterious guy referring to himself as ‘Zack McCool’ calls Lisey, and … Continue reading

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